The resources of a global hair care company and our experience as operators of thousands of salons allow us to offer significant support covering the five distinct stages of a franchisee’s retail business:

1. Pre-Opening
2. Opening
3. First Year
4. Ongoing
5. Growth

Eight different departments interact and support each franchisee through these stages, beginning with the assignment of a professional from every department. No matter what brand or area selected, personal assistance in running your business is available.

I. Development and Compliance

  • Works with potential and current franchisees to develop and grow our nine Regis Franchise Brands throughout North America

II. Real Estate

  • Provides leadership with over 125 years of combined commercial/corporate real estate experience
  • Dedicates a team of franchise professionals with real estate as their only responsibility

III. Construction

  • Drafts architectural plans and building department revisions
  • Furnishes a vendor book with costs and sources for equipment and tools
  • Provides a resource list of contractors throughout the country to assure competitive build-out costs

IV. Education

  • Dedicates artistic directors/consultants to lead technical salon training classes in various forms and at different skill levels
  • Provides training on customer service and new salon opening
  • Partners with top beauty industry leaders to train our artistic directors/consultants on current trends and techniques

V. Retail Beauty Product Sales

  • Leverages the buying power produced by hundreds of millions of dollars in annual beauty product sales
  • Benefits from strong relationships with top hair care industry vendors
  • Offers a wide range of incentive programs for franchisees
  • Provides one-on-one support
  • Supports franchisee’s special events (stylist contests, local community events, salon events)
  • Communicates new product information, beauty product discounts, stylist tips and important news for Regis franchisees

VI. Marketing

  • Provides an infrastructure of brand-specific marketing teams, charged with maintaining the integrity of the brand’s identity, culture and history
  • Provides all franchisees with the tools, knowledge and resources to successfully market their business
  • Establishes and maintains brand standards and guidelines to ensure that all franchise and corporate locations have a cohesive look and feel
  • Develops strategy and implementation plans for national and local marketing promotions to build brand awareness and drive salon traffic
  • Works with outside vendors and ad agencies to ensure that our marketing efforts are fresh, current and relevant to our brands and their customer demographics

VII. Franchise Business Operations

  • Assigns Franchise Business Consultants to work with every franchisee
  • Provides pre-opening, opening and ongoing operational assistance for all franchisees
  • Implements and assists with all operational programs and procedures, including the First Salon Opening program
  • Schedules personalized visits to existing salons
  • Provides training classes in business management, customer service and recruiting
  • Conducts regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail and training needs
  • Provides POS support to franchisee’s salons, 362 days a year
  • Hosts the annual Regis Franchise Convention for all franchisees

VIII. Finance

  • Assists with pay plans and provides scheduling guidelines
  • Educates on the budgeting and goal-setting processes
  • Analyzes cost control and store inventory
  • Provides sales analysis of service and retail sales and customer counts
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